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Max Smith has been in the audio recording business for over 15 years. He has the real-world, seasoned experience you need to get that sound you are looking for. His experience ranges from:
— recording studios
— live sound reinforcement
— live, on-location, recording
— video sound production

Some of the bands he has recorded over the years are:

Local Bands
• Woooh
• Uncle Green
• Robert Hoyt
• GuruFish
• Billy Hume
• Month of Sundays

National Acts
• Sun Ra and his Galastic Band
• Billy Brag
• Jimmy Smith
• Belia Fleck and the Fletch Tones
• Indigo Girls
• Sweet Honey and The Rock
• Fetching Bones

Max is also an accomplished musician and song writer (Member of Nashville Songwriter's Association and Taxi). Everyday, he is producing, arranging and fine tuning his own work. He has an ear for the "hook" and the talent for production. Working at MAXMIX Studios means having a built-in producer (another set of seasoned ears) by your side, helping you make that next number one hit.

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